What causes Foundation Problems?

WATER ISSUES: The vast majority of foundation issues are a direct result of water, either too much water, or the lack there of. When your foundation was first poured the moisture level across the lot was fairly consistent. In some cases, contractors even watered down the soil a day or so before the foundation was poured to create that consistency. Had the soil under and around your home maintained an equal moisture content throughout its life, it is doubtful that there would be a reason for you to be reading this now.

Plumbing Leaks (another water issue) When there is a leak around the house, whether it's in the fresh water line(s) or in the sewer line, the leak adds moisture to the soil under the foundation causing the soil to expand and shift. For the foundation built on this soil, you might be looking at some bad news. If the leak is slight, you might not even notice it, even if it's in the freshwater lines. Your water bill might be somewhat higher, but it might not be high enough to cause warning bells to go off in your head. But if the leak is in the sewer line, it's even more hidden since such a leak wouldn't result in a higher sewer or water bill and you might not notice until it was too late. So if you have the typical signs of foundation problems, like stuck doors and windows, cracks in your walls, cracks in your ceiling, loose floor tiles or "popping" floor tiles, then you should contact A-Plus Foundation Repair Company to check into the problem.

Soil Issues: Expansive soils that contain minerals of certain clays are able to absorb water. When they take in that water they swell. The extra water the clay absorbs the bigger it gets. Expanding ten percent or more is not uncommon. This major change in volume can push enough force on a building or other structure to cause some serious damage. Think about it. It rains real hard, the water soaks in and causes the clay to swell and your foundation to rise. Then it gets hot (Dallas hot), the soil dries out and contracts and the foundation settles. Each time it swells and settles, is settles a little more. Over time, this can cause severe damage to the foundation. Living in the home, you probably don't even notice it until you see the first crack, either inside, in your brick outside or in the foundation itself.

Be safe. If you are uncertain, or if you are seeing signs of problems, call A-Plus Foundation Repair Company.