Slab Foundation Leveling

The process takes from 8 to 14 days from the time we sign an agreement. We hire an engineer. He writes out and sends us his recommendation (we follow his not ours), and use that report to apply for a City permit. That takes about 3 days.

We dig and drill the holes and pour concrete in about two to three days. Before we pour, the engineer comes back out to inspect the holes and check that we have the right type and number of rebar for each hole. That puts us at 6 days.

NOTE: We need ½ of your driveway to pile dirt on from the day we start until the day we lift the home, and can have the excess dirt removed. Also, we can be a little hard on bushes if they are in the way of a hole or access to a hole, however, we do try to save them. We either cut them back (sometimes drastically) or remove them and put them in the dirt we're storing on your driveway and hope they can be replanted when we are finished.

The concrete has to cure for five days. That puts us at 11 days. On that day or the next, usually beginning at about 8:00 AM, we lift the home. The owner or his/her representative needs to be present on the day we lift the home, as we will be in and out of the home frequently. When the home is leveled as best as it can be, we call the engineer out to check our work. If he approves the work and the leveling, we back-fill the holes, patch exterior mortar brick cracks, and order the removal of left over dirt.