Pier and Beam Foundation Leveling

There are 2 basic types of pier and beam foundations: 
Those with concrete beam along the course of the perimeter
Those without a concrete beam along the course of the perimeter

We use our Dual, eight inch drilled concrete pier around the perimeter for both types listed above.  If the home has a perimeter concrete beam, we install the piers below the surface and use high compression concrete blocks and steel shims between the pier and the beam.  If the home has a wood perimeter beam and/or a sill plate, we install the pier below the surface, and then, depending on the size of the home, we may either pour concrete cylinders on top of the pier, up to within a few inches of the beam, or use tall, high compression concrete blocks between the pier and the beam.  Whichever is used, the last couple of inches are filled with ¼ inch steel shims to allow is the ability to adjust them, up or down, in the future.

The center of a pier and beam configuration is a grid of piers placed at intervals to support the floor joists.  Wood floor joists run in one direction under the floor and wood beams run perpendicular to the floor joists.  These beams are usually two 2 X 6 inch boards sandwiched together and stood on end for greater rigidity.  The interior piers are placed under these beams.

Adjustment of interior floor levels: Floor levels may be adjusted by lifting the interior beam off of its supporting pier and either adding in or removing steel shims.

Occasionally interior supports (piers) have to be added or replaced if they fail.  We have seen everything from tree stumps to modern concrete pad and blocks used for interior piers.  A-Plus Foundation Repair Company usually installs concrete pad and blocks for interior piers.  In some instances, depending on the size of the home or other weight loading issues, we may pour steel reinforced concrete pads and use either poured concrete cylinders or high strength concrete blocks (and shims) between the pad and the beam. 

Wood replacement: In any pier and beam foundation, it is sometimes necessary to replace wood situated underneath the floor. Floor joists, beams, or sill plates may be broken or weakened as a result of moisture and/or insect damage.  If A-Plus Foundation Repair Company  replaces any wood under the home we use only  "pressure treated" wood treated for