Drainage Systems

A-Plus Foundation Repair installs all of the following:
Swale: A swale is a low channel dug between your home and your neighbors for water to flow to, that is routed away from your foundation and/or off of you property.

Surface Box Drains: Perforated 4 inch drain pipe, encased in a fabric sleeve to keep out dirt is installed along problem areas. Surface boxes are installed at critical points along the route to allow heavy rains to flow into the box(s) and down into the pipe, instead of pooling and soaking in next to your foundation. Any rain gutter down spouts along the drain pipe's route are also routed, under-ground, into the drain pipe.

French Drains: Similar to Surface box drains, except instead of surface collector boxes, various configurations of gravel and fabric are installed under the surface, to carry off surface water via the buried pipe. As with the Box type drains, down spouts along the route of the buried pipe are routed into the drain pipe.

Combination French & Box drains: Various combinations of French and Box Types for specialized applications.

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